Amplifon_flagshipstore _ Collaboration_2020

Collaboration in design and development of the new store concept for Amplifon. Project developed for Zero Srl.



Cisalfa feminize _ Collaboration_2019

Collaboration in design and development of the new feminaze concept for Cisalfa Stores. Project developed for Zero Srl.



Tiffany & Co. _ Pop up store proposal_2018



NYX Italia _ Zero Srl._2018

Collaboration in the render production. Creation of 3D images for Zero Srl.



OPI _ Stand Cosmoprof Fair. Bolonia_2018

Design and monitoring of the Sifarma stand at Cosmoprof fair 2018. Project developed for the Zero Srl.



Residential _ 2016

renovation and transformation project of two apartments in three studios in the old town of Madrid.

                         UNIVERSITY PROJECTS



Codoconcodo _ Business incubator 


The Codoconcodo Business Incubator Project arises from the need for a shared space for start-up companies in which to comfortably work and innovate.





The roof of the Avenidad de America Public Trasport Interchange in Madrid is an unsightly and unused space. Our proposal is simple. We intend to transform this eyesore into an attractive facility for local residents by simply adding colored tiles to the facility which will make it attractive as an urbanscape for local residents.



Weinstein house, Meier


Furnishing and decoration project inspiring on the full and empty playing façade.





Khadrawi is a project designed for the wagon cafeteria Alandalus high-speed train , which will make the tour of La Medina - Mecca . The car is inspired by the idea of Paradise. So the main reference is the palm (Khadrawi) .




Ephemeral architecture


Designing a stand for the promotion and dissemination of the Degree in Interior Design at the Polytechnic University of Madrid is proposed. The project aims therefore an ephemeral architecture and easy to transport and assemble, adaptable to many different indoor and outdoor spaces. To this it is used as the main element maritime transport containers adapted to program and goods required functions. These containers at the same time provide an industrial style and lightness to the project.

Escarpe _ Dance academy

Dance is an art form which communicates emotions through movement.

Escarpme is therefore a project designed for dance.It is based on the movement of the earth's crust and proposes a cross crack in a continuous volume and moves to transform simple contiguous diagonal spaces into visual landscapes.

The stairwell + lift, toilets and storage area are within an open space that articulates circulation with walkways that link all into a continguous space.