It was in the early 90's when I was born. Irene and Pablo were pretty excited to meet me, Juan were in his way as well. We came into a family of six people, that number turned into my lucky one since then.
I was raised between Alpedrete and Madrid. Looking, watching, admiring and listening to discover a world which I felt infinite.

I got a reward when I graduated as Interior Architect. I would never though in Switzerland as my new home, but a synergy of energies brought me here. I don't think that coming here was a product of luck

or chance, it was more like a reward. Leman's lake embraced me,

The Alpes were cuddling me and my kids fussed me over. I was that spoil in caring that six months end up in one year, and now I am slowly falling in love with this country, which I already feel mine. So that's why

I have this strong feeling of setting my new goal here, with renovated energies and a wishful thinking, to reconnect with what I have never left over, design.

La naturaleza verde
A passion

Charlotte Perriand un'icona della modernità 

An example
A nice day
A hobby
A question
A whim

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